Kathleen Brooks ... Speaks on Building Courage to Do Hard Things

Working with women to build




to do the hard things God is


calling them to do ...


that is my passion.


Inspiring them to face their




fight for their dreams,


and dare to know and be bold for


the Lord ... that is my goal.


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Hi, my name is Kathleen Brooks and I believe that building courage is critical,


not just during hard times we encounter, or on ordinary days,


but also when we have extraordinary opportunities to excel.


If you want to build your courage personally or on an


organizational level to do hard things ...


be they challenging or exciting ... 


I would be honored to show you how.

"Kathleen is an absolute delight to work with. Her story is a beautiful testament to rising above what seems impossible and soaring in freedom. With humility and love she offers hope, encouragement, and a vision to thrive and not just to survive the difficult circumstances in life. What a joy and pleasure it has been getting to know her and work with her to bring hope into a hurting world." Becky Nordquist
Becky Nordquist

Speaker, author, worship leader,

songwriter, and recording artist and

co-host of the Music for the Soul.podcast




"One of our primary goals at Joni and Friends Family Retreat is to send the families home with new tools and resources to help them as they deal with the many life challenges they face due to disability. This year, I think we rang the bell! Kathleen came to the retreat and brought a Personal Retreat toolbox full of wonderful ideas. For a couple of good hours, she taught our FR moms how to create their own little personal retreat… how to take care of themselves by drawing closer to the Lord. What a blessing it was for me to hear the moms as they talked about how they were going to put into practice these new ideas."

Delinda Carr

Joni and Friends International Disability

Ministry - Arizona, Former Program

Manager and Family Retreat Director

"Whether providing private counsel or serving as a group leader or guest speaker at a retreat, Kathleen Brooks will gently and lovingly walk you closer to the Lord. With her humor and her own personal stories of recovery and overcoming, you will feel and know the presence, and comfort of the Lord. Kathleen leads one on an ever deepening and enriching love affair with the Lord. Emily Dickenson once penned, “Truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind”. Kathleen carefully and lovingly dazzles."
Nancy Conant

women's church retreat participant

Orange County, CA.,

business owner:Conant Collaborative


Do you or those in your organization need to build Courage?


 I personally  know the deep need for courage to face hard life battles, fight for your dreams and do hard

things while following your passion and the Lord’s call on your life.


I am a Christian woman with country roots-and-boots.

I  am a grateful survivor of heartache, heartbreak, and cancer  ... among other life battles.

I am an entrepreneur, a business woman, a wife, mom, mom-in-law, Granma, daughter, sister, aunt

and friend.


As a professional speaker and a Master Certified Christian Life Coach my focus is to help

women build their courage which I have learned about from not just my

own experiences but from working with many women for decades.


I am fiercely committed to inspiring, guiding and working with women who are in life battles of

many kinds. I typically speak to and work with women willing to do battle with their fears, fight

for their dreams and Do Hard Things.  These are women warriors who own their need to build courage in

their personal lives, in their leadership responsibilities, in their professional lives

and in their calling.

Are you  or your organization looking for building blocks to gear-up and get equipped for

courageous growth and transformation?


My passion and specialty is encouraging women to

lean into their relationship with Jesus, trust Him at His Word

and boldly do the hard things they

are being called to do.


I absolutely love watching women build their courage, grow and become warriors

for their dreams and against their fears.


I am here to help you too!


Do you want to create an experience that continues to impact and

grow the people who attend your event  ... long after it has finished?


Giving people tools and inspiration to help build their courage to do hard

things, fight for their dreams and against their fears can be life-altering. 


Inspiring women to break personal barriers and becoming leaders ... women

of influence ... who build businesses, careers, ministries and the people in

their lives is the heartbeat of who I am and what I do.


Building Courage and influence helps women as they become involved in

changing the world around them.  This is truly a noble challenge and is only

accomplished with intention, focus and discipline.


Let's build on these simple but important steps together!


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Sometimes it takes something extra  to  be willing to take a stand when

it feels like you just might have to take that stand alone.  When you

feel convicted by the Holy Spirit to speak the Truth of God's Word into a

situation but you know in doing so you are refusing to blend in.

You know you will need the courage it will take to be "different,"

to "swim upstream" of people you love or the culture we live in,

or even be the rebel or renegade in "this situation."  

God gives us the  COURAGE we need

... He Builds our Courage ...

when we are willing to step out in faith and trust the results to Him.

But how and where do you start?

This talk, woven with inspirational stories, will help you identify the Truth about where you are right now,  develop a simple Why ... what is more important than the fear holding you back in stepping forward ... and help you think through and create a game plan that helps you to Do Something!



  1. Identify the TRUTH of where you are standing ... what are you wrestling with and what is the fear behind it.
  2. Understand your WHY ... what or who is more important than your fear? What is at stake if you do not have courage and succumb to your fear?
  3. Begin to think through and plan the forward momentum of Doing Something and "running-the-mile-you're-in!"

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You are a person of influence ... a person in leadership whether or not you know it, want it, or accept that it is true about you.

Listen. Learn. Encourage.

And conversely, you have been influenced by others ... by people, and by their stories  ... choose your influencers wisely. 

We need to consistently develop, intentional habits that develop our influence and leadership. We need to consistently make wise choices about who and what we follow ...

the influencers and influences in our lives.

This takes COURAGE.


This talk will help empower you to identify and develop relationships with influencers, people with integrity who live with godly virtues as their guide. It will help you develop how you "see" others, how you listen with your heart and connect with people. It will show you how to stay in the "lane" of the "encourager" to people you influence.  



  1. Understand that who and what you are influenced by matters ... choose wise influencers to learn to lead in wise ways.
  2. Influencing in the moment means choosing courage to listen, to "see and observe"  and then to connect.
  3. Prepare an intentional game plan to be influenced and to influence as a leader called to make a difference.

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