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Gentle Nudgings Toward Courage:

I author the Blog and Coaching E-Newsletter "Gentle Nudgings Toward Courage." 

The title of my coaching communications has its roots in my country and ranch upbringing. In the Springtime, as a girl growing up on a cattle ranch, I always enjoyed watching young mother cows "nudging" their new calves, mares "nudging" their colts, cats or dogs "nudging" their kittens or puppies. As a coach, part of my goal is to "gently nudge" my clients in the forward direction in which they desire to grow ... with courage.     

My goal in my Blog and E-Newsletter "Gentle Nudgings Toward Courage" is to give you relevant coaching tips, resource ideas, ideas of spiritual disciplines, and more. I hope to challenge you and spur you on to the next level of success on the goals of your life, share courageous stories and tips on leadership .... and maybe surprise you with a few jokes to bring a smile to your heart!  


Gentle Nudgings Toward Courage

My hope is to challenge you and spur you on to the next level of success on the goals of your life, share courageous stories and tips on leadership.

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More Beautiful:  The digital Discussion Guide / Bible study for More Beautiful, available through Music for the Soul Ministry was a much-loved writing project! Their well-known DVD/CD is now accompanied by this digital Discussion Guide / Bible study to enhance your experience with the DVD / CD.  The goal is to help you as a cancer warrior, or someone you know, to move from gripping fear to quiet trust and faith during one of life’s toughest journeys. In addition there is information for family and caregivers. (Go to to order)

More Beautiful

What is the "More Beautiful"  Discussion Guide? The digital discussion guide was created from the real life stories of breast cancer survivors and battling women warriors. It is designed to support and encourage women going through breast cancer and provide understanding for the husband and family who love her.  I hope that you will come out on the other side of your breast cancer journey eagerly looking for the wonders you know God will show you as life moves forward. I pray you will have learned to trust Him even a wee bit more to provide for you during some of the most difficult, terrifying and challenging parts of your life-journey.

To order your copy of More Beautiful DVD/CD and the digital Discussion Guide / Bible Study please go to the website referenced above. Your purchases contribute to their very important ministry for the hurting hearts of many. I highly recommend that you order the DVD to go with the Discussion Guide as it is an integral part of the study.


Leadership Goldmine     24 Nuggets for Lasting SuccessI am a collaborating author for  Leadership Goldmine: 24 Nuggets for Lasting SuccessI was asked to be one of seven collaborating authors, including the founder of Professional Coaching and Counseling Academy and six Master Certified Coaches, for this "substantive, 51-page e-book with an assortment of leadership wisdom and strategies, covering a wide array of topics." For purchasing please follow this link Goldmind

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