Cancer Warriors and Caretakers: Ready to Grow Forward?

Are you a Cancer Warrior? Are you a Caretaker?

Has cancer impacted your life? Are you ready to move forward with courage? Are you a Caretaker and need Courage? 

I would be honored to come along beside you!

  • Are you battling cancer?
  • Are you wrestling with getting organized in this new battle for your life and juggling all the many issues and appointments which are necessary?
  • Are you "Post Treatment" and you are trying to figure out the "new normal?"

Speaking to and Coaching women who have or are battling cancer (or other health challenges) and caretakers for those needing extra TLC is a special focus for me as a speaker and a coach. One which I count as a privilege to be sure.

As a three-time cancer survivor myself and Christian Life Coach specializing in Courage Coaching I have a deep and personal commitment to those in the cancer community who need to be encouraged to move forward, grow and "survive" not just physically but also spiritually as women.  There truly is a  potential life collision between cancer and faith when the diagnosis occurs and I believe there is a way to anchor oneself to the foundations of faith in Jesus and follow Him through the journey. 

A precious friend and cancer warrior, Ruthie, was given the heart-nudge from the Lord when she was diagnosed and her battle cry was "Can't Do Cancer Without God" and I completely agree.

The day I shaved my hair ...chemo has begun.

     Avon Walk. I did it!                   


I had the privilege of sharing some of my cancer story, the impact of the Music for the Soul Ministry and "More Beautiful" and the privilege of writing the accompanying Discussion Guide on the podcast for  God can and does even use cancer for our good and His glory just as He says!  Romans 8:28-29

With Thanks to Joni Eareckson Tada with Joni and Friends Radio Ministry  for sharing the story of our friendship with Amy which developed through the three of us battling cancer
and "living life!"
In  Joni's generous sharing of the memories (listen to above 4 minute radio program) of coordinating the efforts to help Amy make a dream come true for her family for that Christmas trip  ... it did truly "take a village" to make it happen. The Lord firmly laid the Gentle Nudge of the idea in my heart, yes. But then He firmly and gently nudged a whole group of His followers to join in and help! We just TRUST Him in taking the STEPS He shows us and then ...  we have the privilege of getting to be part of His Miracles in lives!
Isn't that amazing! 
My Battle Cry is "Do Something" and in moving forward with His direction I have known some amazing women, Amy is  now a SURVIVOR of over a dozen years with Stage 4 breast cancer! She is one of my heroes to be sure! Amy is not only a survivor but has Thrived, is an eager follower of Jesus and a Mom who Loves her kids and is willing to Do Hard Things to be here for them! What an inspiration!
She is grateful and  giving all  the glory to God!
Joni Eareckson Tada is also a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer for over a dozen years as well  and continues to have an amazing, world-wide impact in changing lives in the name of Jesus ... those with disabilities, those battling cancer  and all the lives  surrounding  them.  What an inspiration and a hero to me!  She is also grateful and  giving all  the glory to God!
Also with special thanks to Elex Michaelson, who was with Channel 7 News at the time (now Channel 11) and the Channel 7 Pay It Forward Program to help make dreams come true in the Los Angeles Area
and in particular for Amy!   
     "Do Something!" is my battle cry! Personally, I am not only committed to fighting this disease of breast cancer in my own life but also prayerfully in the lives of women I work with through speaking at events, coaching women one-on-one, group coaching and  Bible study. Also, as a two-year alumni walker of 39.3 miles (each event) in the AVON Walk Against Breast Cancer I raised funds for breast cancer research and subsidize 51 mammograms for those unable to afford them. I have experienced the loss of many family members and close friends to cancer, and have family and friends currently battling this enemy. I am committed to battling this disease in every way the Lord calls me to do so on this side of Heaven!

My coaching work with you only deals with the faith component of cancer; spiritual, emotional, and mental ... working and living forward.  My coaching with cancer survivors and battlers does not have any work with the medical side of cancer or other health challenges. I leave that to the doctors and those who are educated in those arenas. 

I do support rebuilding and strengthening healthy habits and as a certified stress relief coach and certified joy restoration coach, I believe that restoration is as a whole person; physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Reminder: I am a coach not a counselor. Coaches by design help you move forward into your future. I support and encourage those that require professional counseling to work on deep challenges from their past to receive that care component.  

Are you a Caretaker? It takes a special gift from God to be willing to pour yourself into helping others and ... keeping some balance in life takes courage!    

As a caretaker myself for several people over the years, I also have a soft spot for speaking for and coaching this group to have Courage as they Care. Care-taking for me included my husband who had a broken back from a commercial plane crash, for our infant / toddler son home on a respirator and other medical devices (see below), for others temporarily ... including my father and mother ... and as one who needed and received wonderful care-giving myself during cancer challenges, Lyme disease and heart issues.

     (Our Son Nathan and I)    



All that said ... it would be my honor to walk this journey beside you as your coach or share with you on these topics at your event as your speaker. If we have cancer in common or other medical or care-taking challenges we can also Build Your Courage together ... walking forward toward the future with hope in common. 


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