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As a Coach,  I typically schedule new clients with coaching packages. I have found this to be the most cost-effective for the client and allows time and continuity in working together toward success.  These packages are for 3-month and 6-month time frames. I am happy to discuss this further with you following your FREE Discovery Session.

  • These paid packages include an initial 90-minute Strategy and Goal Setting Session, 3 sessions per month for 50 minutes, a private client portal with numerous educational resources as well as a Client Log for secure online access between sessions.
  • Coaching sessions are primarily accomplished via telephone or ZOOM.    

"The greatest challenges that kept me awake at night were time management, prioritizing tasks and letting go of past hurts by my current colleagues. My favorite aspect of coaching … having a cheerleader other than my parents has been eye-opening. Kathleen sees strengths in me that I had forgotten or didn’t realize were there.  She boosts my confidence in genuine ways; it’s not trumped up.  She can actually cite examples to back up her accolades.   I have seen an improvement in my teaching evaluations as I’ve become more mindful of how I spend my time.  My health is improving because I’m taking steps to put more margin in my day—including conscious efforts to an earlier bedtime. I am less stressed out because I see that promotion is a reasonable achievement and within reach as I adhere to the steps I’m taking and grow stronger in the skills I’m building.” Anonymous

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