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With Thanks to Joni Eareckson Tada with Joni and Friends Radio Ministry ( for sharing the story of our friendship with Amy developed through the three of us battling cancer and "living life!"

In  Joni's generous sharing of the memories (listen to above 4 minute radio program) of coordinating the efforts to help Amy make a dream come true for her family for that Christmas trip  ... it did truly "take a village" to make it happen. The Lord firmly laid the Gentle Nudge of the idea in my heart, yes. But then He firmly and gently nudged a whole group of His followers to join in and help! We just TRUST Him in taking the STEPS He shows us and then ... we have the privilege of getting to be part of His Miracles in lives!
Isn't that amazing! 
My Battle Cry is "Do Something" and in moving forward with His direction I have known some amazing women, Amy is  now a SURVIVOR of over a dozen years with Stage 4 breast cancer! She is one of my heroes to be sure! Amy is not only a survivor but has Thrived, is an eager follower of Jesus and a Mom who Loves her kids and is willing to Do Hard Things to be here for them! What an inspiration!
She is grateful and  giving all  the glory to God!
Joni Eareckson Tada is also a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer for over a dozen years as well  and continues to have an amazing, world-wide impact in changing lives in the name of Jesus ... those with disabilities, those battling cancer  and all the lives  surrounding  them.  What an inspiration and a hero to me! She is grateful and  giving all  the glory to God!
Also with special thanks to Elex Michaelson, who was with Channel 7 News at the time (now Channel 11) and the Channel 7 Pay It Forward Program to help make dreams come true in the Los Angeles Area
and in particular for Amy!   


(Photos taken as we worked with Channel 7 and their "Pay It Forward" program to assist our friend Amy and family with a special Christmas gift.)