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On What Topics Do I Normally Coach? Good Question!


When women are thinking about coaching I am frequently asked what the most popular coaching topics are with most women I coach. I have been honored to work with women on many areas of life issues and a wide variety of ages throughout the United States and other English-speaking countries. 

If I looked at the history of my practice, having coached professionals immersed in their careers, individuals changing careers or looking for work, entrepreneurs, students, authors, coaches, women in ministry, "empty nesters", Moms, Grandmas, homemakers, women with cancer or caretakers, etc.,  two common themes of topics emerge ... Courage and Leadership

  • Courage: All women will need courage at some point in their personal lives, careers, ministries, or relationships.  Secretly desiring more adventure? It takes courage! Living boldly for Jesus takes courage! Facing a health challenge ... will require courage.  I have a special place in my heart for walking beside women battling cancer having been a cancer survivor three times.   I have a special place in my heart for women who are stuck and fearful and need courage.  I have battled fear myself for many reasons over many years.  And I love the honor of coaching and encouraging women who need courage to A. Love God with all their hearts B. Love Others C. As they love themselves. Mark 12: 28-31
  • Leadership: Such an honor to work alongside women encouraging the acknowledgment of their leadership roles within their circle of influence as women and helping them grow toward their potential.  I love working with women helping them to lay out their life stories and see how He is building into them His story. I also am passionate about helping them to see that He is giving them everything they need to use their gifts, talents, and personalities to follow His calling on their life.    

It would be my honor to come alongside you and coach you to finally have the COURAGE you need to move forward, get out of being "stuck" or fearful and put your feet to those goals, dreams, and your calling!

 Three options I can offer you to increase your Courage quotient through my practice:

  1. Private Coaching with me for a custom look at working directly together to help you Build Your Courage.
  2. Local and ZOOM online Courage, and Leadership Boot Camp Group Classes and workshops. 
  3. Online Courage Coaching program: I have available for you my online course "Courage, Risks and Rewards." Take this course in your own time as a stepping stone on your way to working with me as a private coach. 

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